Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun!!!

I had so much fun being with my family this thanksgiving. By Friday I was literally tired of eating!

The meal was delicious! Yummy turkey, and my dad did a southern cornbread stuffing but he sauteed the onions and celery and a new ingredient, butternut squash. It had great flavor! Then he added craisins to the mix, and all the flavors together were delicious!

My favorite part of the cooking was learning my step great grandmothers recipe on yummy freezer rolls. The title of the rolls should be amazing delicious dinner rolls, and I believe the recipe came all the way from Denmark...but don't quote me on that. It was wonderful to be with my stepmom Trudie (which I call mom Blondie) and learn this part of her heritage.

We also had delicious garlic herb mashed potatoes, which had a little bit of feta cheese melted into it. Made it creamy and had a little bite to it. I really usually don't like mashed potatoes, but I ate a whole serving of these on my own.

Now the pies were over the top.
Pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, blackberry, mango key lime, coconut cream, and chocolate cream.

I made these two pies, blackberry, and coconut cream. Quite the success but I could hardly enjoy them because I was so full!
                           (this pie had been pre cut)

I love thanksgiving and all of my family that I was able to spend thanksgiving with (and of course the ones on the other side of the country that I wasn't able to spend with)

- D

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